Who I am ?



It`s a verry subjective representation from me, but it is better to make you own Image.


I like Water, Fire, Air and Earth. I`m passionate Cook, Pilot, Skipper, Artist, Lifecouch and Motivator. I reflecting my Environment unvarnished, honest but warm and open.


I`m in himself reflective Man with Charme, Stil, Intellect and warmth. Businessman, queer and bevore thinkers, Creater and in the Interests varied a thiersty of knowledge Man.


In my Life plays Theater, Musik, Art and Sport a great role. I appreciate and respect my other fellows, i will see and share her desire. Further i´m a determinded and a man that are with both feets on the stand and know`s where he wants.


A romantic candellight, but also the Loud and glaring depending to mood belong to me. I like the Sunset specially near or on the Sea and in the Mountaíns.


My friends say that I´m a tolerant, loving, like to laugh person and have many enjoyment.







•           Birthyear        69


•           Children         3 Girls (Born in 2000, 2004, 2005)-I love her-


•           Language        German, English, Russian


•           Job                  CEO


•           Work               Insurance salesman, Lecturer, Riskmanager, Underwriter, Cook,

                                   Pilot, Skipper


•           Company       Rödel OHG


•           Pilot               JAR PPL(A) SEP+ MEP day and night


•           Skipper          SKS, Landlocked and sailing license motor and sailing


•           Funk              SRC und UBI + German and English. Operator 's certificate


•           Hobbys           Swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing, golfing, painting


•           Art                 Theater, Cabaret, Opera, Musical


•         Mitglied           Slow Food, house and land, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Germany

                                 (AOPA), Golf Club Mühlberg


•         Interests          diverse