Sailing Trip Kykladische Islans 21.-28.10.2017

Sail Yacht:  Catamaran Lagoon 380 with 8 Kojen and 4 Kabinen

Port/Marina : Lavrion

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Distance :204,9

Start : 21.10.-28.10.2017 12:00 Uhr

I planing the sailing trip :

1. day crouse to island Kea, Vourkari ( ca 18sm)

2. day crouse to island Syros, Finikas ( ca 33sm) 

3. day crouse to island Paros, Parikas ( ca.25sm) 

4. day crouse to island Sifnos, Kamares ( ca. 30sm) 

5. day crouse to island Kythnos, Kanares ( ca 32sm) 

6. day crouse to Port Lavrion ( ca 25sm)




The new crew is lucky, we were already busy in the morning and had done all the shopping. 11:00 o'clock the crew was complete, safety instruction and 13:00 o'clock start 


Start to Kea, unfortunately no wind, so we could quietly on the way all maneuvers, sailing techniques in peace through and practically try out. In the early afternoon we arrived in Kea Korissia. The evening we spent directly above the boat in a small tavern with a great view over the harbor bustle.


Unfortunately again without wind, on to Syros. We were lucky again, dolphins crossed our path, the crew was happy. In Syros, not far from Finikas, we looked for a small bay. Baden was announced. In the evening we docked in the port of Finikas and went in my tip following Local, like the last trips. It was delicious and way too much.


Wind dominated the day, so the trip to Paros went very fast in the peaks up to 15 kt. The harbor was empty, so we could choose the best place. During the evening, however, the port was filled. Again, we went in my recommendation a week ago, this time but right on the sea. Again great tasty food.


A day with a lot of wind and many events, but in order, start, great wind but directly from the course direction. Tip on this day 17kt, we were very pleased. But not for long, because the tree fell off for the first time when sailing. Emergency backup and continue with engine. On to Sifnos / Kamares. Once there, we found engine problems. Charter company was informed, which repaired very quickly the next day. The evening passed quickly.


Rest day, relax, hiking, repair of the tree, engine and various other things. But we enjoyed the Ruge.


Very rough wind with 25-35kt. Start to Kythnos, unfortunately we could only sail a short distance, because the wind came directly from the course direction. Arrival at strong winds in Merikhas. Cleaning of all things, you were superimposed by the salt. In the evening stop in a local local, which has been around for a long time. It was delicious and we had a lot to talk about.


On the last blow back to Lavrion, unfortunately only a very short wind, just before Lavrion we chose the same Angerbucht, for coffee and swimming. Then back to Lavrion, refueling and return the Catamaran at the parking lot. Handover took place smoothly. We spent the evening in Lavrion bar district. A very nice final evening. The next day we said goodbye, the national holiday with parade in Lavrion.

A very eventful sailing trip!