Sailing Trip Kykladische Islands 14.-21.10.2017


Yacht:  Catamaran Lagoon 380 mit 8 Kojen und 4 Kabinen

Port/Marina : Lavrion

Sailing Trip :Route here

Pics to Sailing Trip  here Link:

Distance :194,9 sm

Beginn :14.10.2017-21.10.2017

Folgenden Verlauf könnte unser Törn nehmen:

1. day coures to Island Kea, Vourkari ( ca 18sm)

2. day coures to Island Syros, Finikas ( ca 33sm) 

3. day coures to Island Paros, Parikas ( ca.25sm) 

4. day coures to Island Sifnos, Kamares ( ca. 30sm) 

5. day coures to Island Kythnos, Ort Kanares ( ca 32sm) 

6. day coures to Lavrion ( ca 25sm)


I am since 12.10. in Greece and would like to pay a small visit to Athens.I visited the Marina Alimos near Athens.


I was able to take over our catamaran very early, all purchases (Mymarket) were done, but in the interest of the crew, we visited the nightlife of the Lavrion, so you get used to the local climate.



Start in a nice quiet day. Everyone was instructed in the boat, we practiced diligently so that we could handle the boat well in strong winds. In the late afternoon we are on the island of Kea the small port Vourkari (kostenfei). In the evening there were a few meters from the boat a great (not so cheap, but very good) fish plate. The mood was great!



Today we go to Syros, Finikas the wind is on us! A great day, the end of the evening was even more beautiful in a local restaurant (Calamare), where the entrees are the main courses. Class store!



The wind helps us to cope with the longer blow in a short time, beautiful sailing day, the destination Paros, here the port Naouse, which impresses with its Moorish construction and old port. Very nice little dreamy streets, a very nice atmosphere. Here we also found a great little restaurant (Tavern Glafkos), very good food, all sailors were thrilled.



Sadly, Siphnos is not waiting for us so much wind, but we visited the small, small bay at the North Cape. Great climate, restaurants, we felt a little surprised, for a small salad 15, -Euro, is very sporty! But the location makes up for it. Next time, we'll take better care. In the evening we moved the ship to the port of Kamares. In May 2017, I've been here before, I like the location, unfortunately today no time with the scooter to make a round, which invite the mountain tops to a.



Start to Kythnos, unfortunately again without wind, so we start very early and were lunch in a great bay northeast, almost completely alone 3 hours relax and bathe at 35C and 22C water. After that we moved to Loutra, almost too late, because we got one of the last places on the spot. Very nice little harbor with a healing spring.,24.4245373,17.5z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sSyhros+Finikas+Hafen!3m4!1s0x14a20eab214bbce5:0xefe1768938f3e234!8m2!3d37.4427149!4d24.4259488?dcr=0Restaurant there are some, we are the best spot, according to recommendation Stella. The fish salad / octopus salad a feast for the eyes. So we finished the last evening already.



clothes again without wind, start back to Lavrion, also this time with 2 hours stop for swimming shortly before Lavrion. Great clear water and were alone in the bay. We recommend. 16.00 o'clock transfer to the port, great first week, the crew was very satisfied, the evening was pleasantly finished in Lavrions pub district, first sailors for the next trip were already on site.


A round trip!