Sailing Trip Italy 2016-21.5. to 28.5.

Sailinglyacht: Sun Odyssey 44i  "Keba"

Startharbour : Italy Marina Scarlino ( )

Sailroute :

Picture from the Trip here Link:

Distance :247,8 sm

Start :

The Following Course is possible:

 1. Day  Course to Isola Del Giglio / Start Nighttrip

 2. Day  to Corsika Porto Veccio

 3. Day to Corsika Porto Bastio

 4. Day  to Isle Capraia

 5. Day to Isle  Elba Portoferraio

 6. Day baxk to Scarlino

planed, but not performed.




Friday, 2016-20-05


We meet us today with the Crew in San Vincenzo. After that we receive our Rooms in the Hotel ''Il Delfino'', which was clean and by the Standard with a good and extensive Breakfast at the next Morning, have we visit the Downtown. With 25 Degree and Sunshine strolled we through the market.

The no many Store's, but a some Furniture Store's, that blank the heart of some of use faster.

After a long Search find we a Restaurant for the Dinner, in a Pizzaria. The Rest of the Day enjoy we with a Bottle of Wine by the Beach.



Saturday, 2016-21-05

 After a extensive Breakfast in our Hotel start we 10 O'clock.

2AM take we uncomplicated the Boat. While I went through my Checklist, is the Rest from us went to shopping by ''Coop'', a big Supermarkt with a Verry good supply.

We go in the Dinner in a Restaurant, they called ''MaMa''.


Sunday, 2016-22-05

 Our First Day on Sea, we welcomed by the Sun,also the Rest of the Day remains. Our destination is today Isle Giglio, who sink 2 Years before the ''Costa Concordia''

After 5 Hours are we by the Isle, unfortunately just under engine.By 1 kt Wind it was not possible to Sail.

Giglio have a small Harbour, in the Mainseason is it hard to become a Place.

We explore the Isle, after we dock the Boat. There's many little Streets. When the Ferry come's it's verry bissy, the Rest of the Time it is verry relaxed.


Monday, 2016-23-05

For the Day is more Wind announced, 15-20 kt, but it was a little bit more.

We can Sail, by Windspeed 2, but just 3 SM. After this was the Wind to heavy.

The next 3 Hours have we a stronger Wind. Naturally wear all Lifejackets and picked on. In Front of Porto Azzuro, the Wind go's down and it was 10-15kt again. This Time was the Harbour a little bit bigger, to the Shower was 2-3 min. Food walk. After the Shower, allowed we us a Ice, it was very delicious. WE searching a Mobile Shop, after our Italian SIM card get off, without success.

We spent the Evening in a Restaurant in the City.


Thuesday, 2016-24-05

10am start we from Porto Azzuro to Scarlino. After 1 Hour broke a Rope, we secure it, but we musst drive to our Homeharbour, so that they repair it.The Guys from the Charter Company, informant we before. After 1,5 Hour can we start to Portoferraio. The Harbour is big, so that we get a space, in the Meantime we get't.

To the Shower have we today a little bit more to walk and it's was so hidden that we never found it, without the Captain.

Porto Azurro is a very nice Town, with a historical background- Napoleon lives here. That we see in the Buildings, Street Names and the Museum.

Unfortunately have't we enough Time to Visit all parts of the Town,but we've enough for a walk. We've got a beautiful View until to Corsica with a nice Sundown.


Wednesday, 2016-25-05

Today we have a good Reason to wake up early, there 44 SM before us. Also we start 8:30am to Bastia on Corsica. We move only under engine, because the Wind was not our Friend.

3pm where we in Bastia, a small and tranquilld Harbour, here was the Shower right there, but without the latest hygienic Standards. We eat by the Harbour, after we Visit the City. The Dinner was okay, just totally overpriced.


Thursday- 2016-26-05

Finally we can Sail by 8 kt Wind and 3-4 kt ride. Our End was Today Capria, a old Prisonisland. After 3 Hours and 25 SM musst we the Sail pull in.

After 5 Hours sailing where we in Capria. The Entrance was very spectacular, we can see who stands the Prison, with the great Towers and Buildings.


Friday- 2016-27-05

 At our last Day on Sea, we musst wakeup early. Our Target was 4pm stay in the Harbour, we musst Tank and by the lot of Boats we maybe stand in the Line. We Start 8:30am and 3:30pm we where in the Harbour.

It was so nice Weather, that we`nt can Sail, it was nearly Windless.

The Handing over was unproblematic.


It was a nice Trip, even if we wish us more Wind. We Visit nice Places with national typically Food.



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