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I would like to tell you about our past trips, maybe you will help to build one or the other sailing route, a great trip together.

I mostly try to give recommendations to good konobas / local restaurants on site. Unfortunately, much is changing in the time, so it is a picture of the day we were there.

But there are also information on sailing areas and one or the other tip on the trip with a sailing yacht.

Most sailing reports are written by my crews, so there is always the mood, during such a trip again. All crews are wildly thrown together, most of the sailors do not know each other. You will get to know each other for the first time during the trip preliminary discussion. Many new friendships have emerged on board, both privately and on business.

The extraordinary mood is usually transferred to the sailors.

Unique light, lots of sun, sea, very good food, many new impressions, interesting discussions and many new experiences.

So I could write further, best you accompany me on a sailing trip, then you understand the mysticism better.

I look forward to it !