Freewild of the Air


A unique Feeling from feedom, Independent and just driven from the Air and Water in the seemingly endless Waters. To expose the forces of nature, to Play with them and of course to understand that they Play with us. To work with them to reach a target or a other target, because the Wind and the See determinded the Way.


The Senses

A cool, moisting, satly Wind roams around your face, all your senses to works on well- beeing, your Nose feel the clear clean Air, your Skin takes the salty air on soft, the Lung breathing deep, your Ears hear the melodic unison. So i could go teeling.

Exactly this fascinates me and drives me back to the water.



The Trips

The best Way to Sailing are funny People on board, they have pleasure to sailing, discover new unknown Targets and engage in such adventure.

Since many Years I organizid, under this Motto, open Sailingtrips wich are not designed for Profit. Everything has the possibility to be there as a Crewmember, if desire get a sailing experience will also conveys.


Classic area is the Mediterranean Sea, here prevail mostly stable weather conditions.


I am happy about every person on board and look forward to your story of life