Bread easy bake itself -gluten and lactosefree-

26. juli


Naturally also possible with normal flour!

Bread easy bake itself- gluten and lactosefre-


Bake our Bread for himself




500g -17,64 oz- Flour (lactose/glutenfree) we mix 400g -14,11 oz- Flourmix bright + 100g -4,5 oz-

 other Flour e.g. Buckwheat, Teffflour, Brownmillet

1 Teaspoon Salt

1 Pinch Sugar

25-50ml Mineralwater with bubble

400 ml Milk -lactosefree-

50g -1,76 oz- Quark lactosefree, also with Milk and Quark then 500ml in the Measuring cup

1x Yeast 42g -1,48 oz-

Butter to rub over the baking dish

1 cup of Milk for the last spread the Breadsurface befor you put it in the Oven

1 cup of Rapeseedoil, to spread the Breadsurface after 40 min.


additionally as needed- Sun dried Toamtoes/ Pumpkinseeds/ Sunflowerseeds/ Linseed/ Millet/ Carrots








Flour according to desired composition enter into the mixing bowl.

Give into a Measuring cup 400g -14,11 oz- Milk and Quark for that are to 500ml achieved.

Liquid in a Saucepan and the Yeast crushed to. Under low Temperature stir and after 3-5 min. remove from Heat.

The Liquid slow mixed in the Flour. A little bit Mineralwater with bubble, so that the dough is nice smoothly and give to Salt and Sugar.

In a warm environment the dough 50 min. cover with a damp cloth.

Additionally as needed Sun dried Toamtoes/ Pumpkinseeds/ Sunflowerseeds/ Linseed/ Millet/ Carrots.

 Beaking dish rub in with Butter.

If the dough has risen, with stirring accesories.

Over preheat to 180 Grad- 356F- 

Dough in Baking dish and waiting 15- 20 min. until the dough went high is.

After this reap the Breaddough with a little bit Milk

And now do it in the Oven.

After 40 min. reap the Breaddough with Rapeseedoil, so that the bark is crispy.

After another 15- 20 min. control ( a long wood needle or Rouladesneedle stuck in the dough, it must not remain a moist dough stick to the needle) if the dough is by.

Bread remove and allow to cool.

Have Fun!