2019 to 2020 Sailing

Here you will find the currently planned sailing trips 2019 with a contest 55th All trips are participation trips, it all participate in the costs including the on-board cash. There are three categories on board, depending on the size of the room, and more comfort.

On board, there are only friends and very well-known sailors, unique experiences connect us and of course many new impressions. We look forward to seeing you !

The sailing route you see, if you click on the headline!The categories are very big // big /// normal each week.An on-board cash register is led for food/ port/ fuel etc. 150,-Euro per person.

Prices per week; Requests !

Discription Photo/ Overview = 6/0 possible number / 2/0 allocation per cabin / L = Lady / M = male / P = couple.

Please send a short message to ( with period or calendar week and category (big). 

2020 30.05 Martinique individually

2020 30.05. to 20.06. Martinique to Tobago/Trinidad

General information :

It is possible to book a cabin by yourself, please ask for the details.

Information about the yacht at the hompage.

It is possible to use as a family the yacht completely a week.

Groups are welcome to report.

Of course you will be taught sailing skills, beginners' training possible, you can sail yourself, and you will be issued with mileage confirmation.

There is usually a secret community for every trip, where all sailors can get to know each week / trip. Usually at Facebook or Whatsapp. There you will find all important documents for sailing, tips, flight information, general notes, safety tips.

If you have any questions, please mail to (





Request for sailing, please follow link +++ click on it here +++

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I was interested in the period from ............ (starting port .............)To ............... (end of port ................).

Who's yours? What do you have for sailing experiences?

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What interests you?

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